Lowrance Elite 7x Review

Lowrance Elite 7xThe Lowrance Elite 7x fishfinder comes with a big 7″ widescreen color display screen with 800 x 480-pixel resolution that will provide you with outstanding visibility and magnificent viewing experience in any conditions that you are in. The device contains an 83 / 200 kHz 20° / 60° Skimmer transducer that has a built-in temp, very user-friendly menus and also TrackBack, in which you will gain access to multiple pages of sonar history. The installation process is dead easy. The majority of individuals, who are not experts in fish finder technology, will be searching for an easy straight forward device for locating fish. Keep in mind that if you are looking to purchase a chart plotter as well, the Elite 7x might be the ideal fish finder for you.

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Key Features

  • 800×480 pixel SolarMAX 256-color TFT display
  • Extremely bright 7 inches widescreen LCD display
  • Features a standard 83/200 kHz Skimmer transducer
  • Exclusive Lowrance Down Scan Imaging innovation
  • Down Scan sonar provides high-definition detail of bottom structure and objects
  • HD 455 / 800 KHz Sonar
  • 1 year of warranty on parts and labor
  • Includes transom mount transducer


The large HD screen and the appealing price is something that attracts many buyers to the Elite 7x. You will be amazed by the level of quality of the screen and how it will work in direct sunlight, or even when you are wearing polarized sunglasses! In general, the display screen provides the same high quality as other top-of-the-line models. The Elite 7x comes with a 7-inch widescreen display with an extremely impressive 800 x 480 pixel resolution and brightness that incorporates the SolarMax technology color screen.

Keypad is backlit and will enhance visibility and functionality during bright daylight or dark nights. The Image search innovation offers a revolutionary graphical photo view of how the bottom is structured, objects around you, and thermocline. Basically, you will see exactly what is happening underneath the boat. The split screen function can come in pretty handy too, where the multi window display enables you to select a maximum of three panels and it is possible to evaluate, all on the same screen simultaneously, the down scan imaging, sonar and chart.


As you might now, the core of any fish finder is definitely the transducer and this device operates amazingly well in all conditions. It depends on what type of fishing you plan on doing, but this is something that you need to keep in mind when you are picking out your transducer. The Elite 7x features the Down Imaging that is undoubtedly innovative technology.

However, as I mentioned here above, there have been some complains about how it operates in deep water. If you routinely fish in 100 feet or less you will experience an astonishing performance from the HD down imaging, and it will definitely aid you to catch more fish than before. However, in waters deeper than 100 feet, you may need to reconsider to upgrade to HD transducer. In that case, you will probably be more satisfied using the standard 83 / 200 kHz skimmer transducer or 50 / 200 kHz skimmer transducer.

For me, it was extremely easy to install the device, as I have experience in installing many other before, so I know a thing or two about mounting and installation procedures. The power and the transducer cables can be used with nearly all earlier models which make it easier to reuse your old ones if you happened to already own an old Lowrance device.

The device performed extremely well in both 50kz and 200khz. Bear in mind that the 50khz transducer is acknowledged as 83khz although it actually is not. However, this does not have any effect on the sonar reading but might be confusing during installation. What really impressed me with this product was that I was capable of getting a really detailed and good picture at around 30 miles per hour. It goes without saying that you obviously won’t be able to detect bait at this high speed, but my point is that it clearly displayed the structure of the bottom and gave me an idea of how the bottom is structured in the lake at up to 100 feet.

Another awesome feature of the Elite 7x is being able to scroll back and see previous readings from early in the day. Handy feature that will enable you to target in within a certain depth and detect what portion of the water you need to focus on. Browsing and navigating the Elite 7x is incredibly easy and after experimenting with the device for a couple of minutes I could get precisely what I needed. However, I have the feeling that I should experiment more and explore more the features because it can be hard to do when you are out there searching for fish. If you experiment enough with the settings, you will get the most out of the unit under various conditions.


  • Very easy to install, user friendly interface and easy to learn how to use
  • Extremely accurate even at 15mph
  • Big 7 inch display screen is easily readable in bright sunlight
  • Crystal clear image, with many different options for different views, picks up details extremely accurately


  • Does not come with speed sensor
  • DSI not 100% accurate in water deeper than 100feet

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Final Points

In general, if you are looking for a fish finder that will provide you with high performance and with a large screen, at a very good price, then I would highly recommend the Elite 7x. It is obvious, that other devices, that cost over 1000 bucks, might offer you much better and improved readings. However, I can say that this product gives you most of the features and for only the fraction of the price.

This device has been getting many positive reviews and the only complains seems to be with down scan imaging in very deep water. As previously pointed out above, for anyone who is regularly fishing deeper than 100′, then you should consider 50 / 200 or 83 / 200 skimmer in order to maximize your fishing experience. Nevertheless, the DSI (down scan imaging) will offer you excellent reading when you are fishing in shallow water and it will most definitely boost your chances of catching fish. The Elite-7X fish finder will give you the ideal below the boat view as possible. The amazing down scan imaging is going to reveal clear and understandable graphic details of the structure and the objects around.

The ability to scroll back and check out the previous sonar history and pinpoint spots where you had been fishing earlier is extremely useful. Also, the advanced signal processing feature will enable you to see fish and other objects much more clearly. You won’t find many complaints about the Elite 7x, but if so, they are going to be minimal. What makes this device stand out is the quality of the display screen and how user friendly it is in operation and of course, also the price tag is extremely appealing. All these factors contribute towards making your fishing experience enjoyable and you won’t be disappointed with this this unit!