Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP Review

Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRPThe Elite 5 CHIRP, from Lowrance, brings together the very best of GPS, sonar and DownScanImaging. Making use of CHIRP sonar innovation, the unit remains loaded with the equipment for it to become exceedingly responsive in tracking down fish and offers you a more developed target resolution as well as noise rejection that will make it a lot easier to find fish.

The mixture of standard sonar with DownScan imaging along with the CHIRP sonar helps to make these types of fish finders exceedingly appealing to lots of fishermen. This particular CHIRP technology helps to ensure that rather than simply scanning with one sonar frequency, the transducer browses throughout a range of frequencies. By operating this way, you’ll receive a far more precise and clear image of the spot of water that you’re searching in. Downscan imaging means that you can view your target in absolute best detail and the multiple sonar frequencies will identify a lot more elements at once, compared to operating just on a single frequency.

The Elite 5 CHIRP fish finder offers maps of more than 3000 US lakes and rivers of up to 1000feet. You can customize the maps by using the sonar data that was recorded with the Insight Genesis feature and the Downscan Overlay innovation technology. Combined with these features, you will be able to get the sharpest and detailed picture of what is going on in the water.

Below, you can read my Lowrance Elite CHIRP review and you will understand why these types of fish finders are among the most useful and complete fish finder that you can get and the price is astonishingly competitive which makes the Elite CHIRP so well received amongst anglers.

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Key Features

  • 480×820 pixel SolarMAX 256bit color TFT touchscreen display
  • 5-inch diagonal screen size
  • 455/800 kHz Downscan Imaging with High, Med, Low CHIRP, 83 / 200kHz
  • frequency
  • Built-in GPS
  • 3000 waypoints, 100 routes with 100 waypoints per route
  • 250W RMS 30000W Peak2Peak transmit power
  • Includes TrackBack, to review sonar history along with structure, transitions or fish
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 1-year warranty


By employing a high-resolution 5inch color screen display, the revolutionary Elite 5 will make it incredibly easy to find out about what is taking place under the water surface. Offering improved target identification that works flawlessly in deep water allowing fish to be identified clearly when you are traveling at high speed which makes this unit stand out from other, a major benefit. Various sonar settings can be selected and you can view them in one display. It is worth mentioning that the Downscan Imaging produces images that are so incredibly detailed that you won’t have any trouble discovering what is below your boat.

You’re going to enjoy excellent clarity straight from the Lowrance Elite 5 due to the high-quality color display. Because it has a 480 x820 pixel resolution, the display provides high-def graphics. It’s also possible to view the screen monitor in virtually any climate conditions because of the Solarmax plus TFT screen. The power of Solarmax plus TFT is to ensure that there’s no glare from the sun or in any light weather conditions. In addition to the backlight LEDs, you will be capable of view the screen clearly and without any problems throughout the day.

GPS and navigation

The unit comes with extremely precise GPS function, as well as a comprehensive US map that features over 3000 US lakes and rivers. With the Lowrance technology, you can design your own charts or maps from existent sonar data using the Insight Genesis. You can also upgrade the chart to Lake Insight, Nautic Insight PRO, along with Navionics Gold and Jeppessen C-Map Max-N, to name a few. The Downscan Overlay technology gives you the ability to lay DownScanImaging onto CHIRP sonar and it will give you the best and most in-depth picture of the surface below your boat.

DownScan Imaging

By using the built-in DownScan Imaging feature, you are able to easily identify what you can find and see under your boat. DownScan Imaging will provide you with 3D like picture that will help you to distinguish if you are seeing a fish or wood, brush or weed and on top of that, you will also easily be able to locate the fish. That is to say, if the fish are wandering around 2-3 together, or if there is a large pile of hotspot full of fish activity. You can even clearly see if there is just one fish hiding in a bush or group of fish inside a bush. This is the beauty of the DownScan Imaging, you will be able to see and identify EVERYTHING that is under the boat, if it is a structure or objects.

Multiple CHIRP Sonar Settings

The Lowrance fishfinder provides you with the choice of making use of more than one CHIRP Sonar signal. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand which signal fits your fishing needs.

High CHIRP – Ideal for freshwater because it gives a perfect detail for monitoring small objects, for example, lures or to identify game fish from bait fish, together with game fish that stay close to structure or the bottom.

Medium CHIRP – Extended coverage helps make this frequency ideal for covering up huge areas in addition to searching for fish. Nevertheless, have in mind that this selection isn’t as comprehensive and detailed as you would expect from High CHIRP.

Low CHIRP – Delivers the best depth overall performance, whilst marking fish over the entire water column.


  • Works extremely well at high speeds
  • Create Personal Maps
  • Trackback Sonar History
  • The ability to select multiple CHIRP sonar settings and view it on one display
  • Very user-friendly and easy to setup
  • Easy to view and work within bright sunlight conditions
  • Extremely good graphics and compact size
  • Very accurate with water depth
  • Built-in maps of 3000+ US rivers and lakes


Some users have reported issues with false shallow water alarms.

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Final Points

The reason why this fish finder stands out above the crowd so much from other types is definitely the efficiency that it supplies. ASP or Advanced Signal Processing reduces manual altering of settings, whereas Trackback reports recorded sonar history of the structure and other objects that enables anglers to precisely pinpoint any mash activity underneath the water surface. As a result of its one-thumb use for menu selection and multi-window display for easy movement, the Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP is one of the most popular choices of today’s modern anglers.

If you are looking for a unit that displays great details, is extremely easy to operate, provides the option to easily mark wave points and trails, features various modes and settings that will suit different needs from novice to expert anglers, is compact and easy to mount anywhere, then I highly recommend that you seriously consider the Lowrance Elite 5 CHIRP fish finder. The Elite 5 operates flawlessly and works best for greater depth performance, along with locating fish at various water depths and provides you with clearer overall readings. Additionally, at any time you encounter any difficulty while using the device, you can rest assured because Lowrance offers you hassle-free one year warranty and their customer support is among the best in the industry.