Humminbird 859ci HD Combo Review

Humminbird 859ci HD ComboThe Humminbird 859ci HD Combo is a state of the art fishfinder GPS unit. This particular model comes with in-depth equipment for monitoring your surroundings. It includes a full HD display screen which generates clear graphics that can be smoothly viewed on the 7inch screen, even though you are in bright sunlight conditions. It will easily mount on your boat and will provide you with crystal clear display for an easy and pleasant navigation. It comes with 360 degrees imaging that will allow you to easily identify your catch with five preset views that will provide you with 360 degree view around your boat.

The 859ci contains a number of sophisticated on-board technology that will aid you with navigation. The SwitchFire feature that enables you to have full command over the sonar and you can select exactly how the sonar returns will be appearing on your screen. The Humminbird has a pair of sonar beams to get you a broad exposure in great detail of the area that you are fishing in. The device makes use of the narrow beam to gain high accuracy returns from the bottom surface on smaller areas, while on the other hand, the wide beam will be for broader areas. This unit also incorporates HD radar which enables you to maximize your experience when you are in hard environment situation, such as, when you are in darkness, fog or just bad weather happens to be around the corner.

On top of the technology that is already packed in the device, you will notice that the system is straightforward to upgrade. You’ll be able to obtain software updates online that improve the overall performance of the unit through the Hummingbird’s web site. Another cool feature of the Humminbird 859ci is that it comes with dual SD card slots. This will enable you to use one SD slot for advanced cartography and you could save screenshots, recordings from the sonar and waypoints by using the other SD card slot. An extremely useful feature of this device is that it comes with Contour XD which is a database with over 30000 US lakes with depth contours. it’s also possible to connect numerous units together by making use of the five-port Ethernet switch.

The 859ci is a complete fish finder GPS and sonar device. If you are on the lookout for the very best in GPS and sonar units, then you should really consider the Humminbird 859ci fishfinder. Despite the fact this unit is action-packed with tons of features, it may possibly not be the ideal device for a newbie operator. However, you should really keep in mind that investing in this fish finder, you really get what you pay for and way more than that!

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Key features of the Humminbird 859ci HD Combo Fish Finder:

  • Includes a big 7-inch VGA colour display type with 480 x 800 pixels screen resolution
  • 500W RMS 4000W “Peak-To-Peak” transmit power
  • Maximum depth of 600 ft 2D 250 feet down imaging
  • Features 16:9 Color TFT display
  • Sonar frequency 200/455 kHz 2D 455/800 kHz Down Imaging
  • Comes preloaded with Humminbird ContourXD maps and internal GPS antenna

Humminbird 859ci HD screen

The device comes out of the box with a big 7-inch VGA colour display screen with 480 x 800 pixels screen resolution and 16:9 Color TFT display. The monitor on this Humminbird 859ci HD fishfinder is far better than the display screens from the other equivalent models of fishfinder out there. In case you have are on a low budget, you probably have noticed by now, some of the tech-advanced display screens that other fish finder models offer.

However, when compared to other models, the 859ci HD di features an HD screen that’s easily readable and pleasing to look at also. Keep in mind that the display is no 1920 x 1080 resolution iPhone screen. However, the 800 × 480 will probably give you a significantly better user experience compared to a number of alternatives options out there. One amazing feature of the fish finder is how it minimizes the glare when you are in bright sunlight condition. This basically means that you can perfectly view the screen on a sunny day, making this model one of the best for the viewing experience.

Humminbird 859ci Depth Finding

Humminbird 859ci HD fish finder should be powerful enough in order to identify fish located approximately 600 ft down. My own experience with this unit is that it provides a detailed as well as accurate capture of the bottom surface when you are sailing about 15mph, if you increase your speed, it will give you an accurate depth but keep in mind that the picture won’t be perfect and you won’t find any fish if you sail faster than 15mph

Humminbird 859ci HD ACCURACY

When you are out there fishing, you want a fish finder that is accurate and reliable, right? Therefore, one of the most important features of any fish finder should always be to assist you reliably to locate fish accurately. The good news is, the 859ci HD di provides awesome fish finding functionality with excellent accuracy also. Once or if you decide to invest in the Humminbird 859ci HD di, you’ll see that the unit includes a transducer that is designed with an accurate precision beam. The transducer precision beam offers 20 degrees cone-shaped view and also offers an accurate and useful 60degree wide view that will enable you to locate a large group of fish and capture it easily without problems.

Cool features

What I really like about this fish finder is that it can read 2 SD cards. That is a terrific feature as you can invest in different map cards for you GPS such as Lakemaster or Navionics, and you just insert either card into the slot and you are good to go! With other devices, if you do that, you won’t be able to insert the 2nd SD card in order to, for example, save waypoints or routes. By having the ability to enjoy two SD slots is a massive benefit. The reason why most manufacturers do not offer more than 1 SD slot is simply because it uses up more power, but that’s not something you will need to worry about when you use the Humminbird 859ci HD DI simply because it is so powerful!


  • Extremely consistent and accurate depth and speed readings.
  • The large 7-inch screen is very easy to read in bright sunlight conditions
  • Big HD color picture that provides great detail and contrast.
  • The sonar gives you a lot of information
  • One of the best customer service out there
  • Dual SD card slot
  • Internal GPS


  • Might feel heavy and requires some thought for where and how to mount it.
  • Preloaded maps not so accurate
  • Lack of information on how to use the navionics software.

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Final Points

The 859ci HD fishfinder is among the very best that money can buy. You will soon realize how the depth and the selection of the transducer beam are ideal for locating fish accurately. With the HD 7 inch screen, the viewing experience will be far better than with the majority of the other fish finders on the market today. The Humminbird 859ci HD will suit you perfectly. You will get extremely accurate depth reading even though you are at very high speed. The image quality is stunning and you will see everything below the water surface.

Just don’t forget to make enough room to install the device, it is quite big and loaded but action packed with awesome features that won’t disappoint you! The 859ci DI from Humminbird is designed for individuals who prefer a big fish finder display screen and something that is certainly plain and simple to work with. The 859ci DI includes GPS and 2 SD card slots. For those looking for a fish finder that simply works well then the Humminbird 859ci DI is definitely the one you should invest in. It’s a reasonably priced fish finder that provides user friendliness when operated. With a large screen that is easily readable and setup should just take a few minutes.