Humminbird 597ci HD DI Review

Humminbird 597ci HD DIThe Humminbird 597ci HD DI includes the vast majority of qualities that happen to be absolutely essential on the water nowadays. It includes 455/800 kHz (DI) DownImaging sonar and 200 kHz down-beam sonar, to ensure you identify everything you will need to see in the water. Regardless of whether you’re on the lookout for fish or even in search of logs, you’ll be guaranteed to see them utilizing the power of 500W (RMS) and 4000W (PEAK)output. Combine all of that power to the advanced sonic functions such as, split screen zoom, SwitchFire Sonar, freeze frame, Selective Fish ID+, and it will feel like you have an edge over other anglers.

One of the best things about the device is how easy it is to operate and use. A few examples of easy to use functions are, for example, large digits and the ability to select display colors along with the X-Press menu platform. It comes packed with awesome features but yet the menus are extremely straightforward. One more excellent capability is definitely the SD card slot that can be used for maps and charts. With regards to installation, you’ll be able to quickly and easily install the device because of the tilt&swivel disconnect mounting kit.

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Key Features

  • 5 inch 256 Color TFT Display Type
  • Screen Resolution 640 x 640 pixels high screen resolution
  • 2D and Down Imaging
  • SwitchFire sonar technology
  • 200/455 kHz 2D 455/800 kHz Down Imaging sonar frequency
  • 600 feet 2D, 250 feet Down Imaging max depth
  • Built-in GPS and GPS speed indicator
  • Unimap included (US lakes, rivers and coastline)
  • 4000W (PEAK TO PEAK) power output
  • 500W (RMS) power output
  • SD card slot
  • Housing is waterproof

Screen functions

The size of the screen is 5 inches and with 640×640 pixel resolutions. It is very bright and easily viewable in bright sunlight/daylight conditions with no reflection or glare and you won’t experience any screen fogging in the display. In general, the high-resolution display screen reveals relatively high-quality detail in sonar mode.

You can choose three background colors, white, blue, and black. Furthermore, if you wish, it’s also possible to select from various other color options in both sonar and down imaging views. To adjust the screen brightness, all you need to do is use the on/off button and the cursor. By quickly pressing the on/off will bring up a graphic with a 10position slider that you just adjust according to your preferences using the right/left cursor arrows.

If you happen to be in a dark environment and with brightness set low, you’d probably have to switch to some of the two dark colors for best possible viewing experience simply because the screen is relatively bright. This is not a major deal, however, if you are a night fisher, you should keep this in mind.

GPS and maps

The Humminbird 597ci includes a built-in 50 channel GPS system that is otherwise known as a chart plotter. Included in the built-in GPS is UniMap from Humminbird. Unimap covers the US coastline, lakes and rivers. One of the major benefits of the 567ci HD DI is the built-in SD card slot that can be used to save waypoints and maps. By having an SD card slot, it is a lot easier to upgrade to any other GPS map. You are also able to get the LakeMaster upgrade or any other HD lake chart packs featuring a bunch of additional functionalities as opposed to the basic UniMap that comes pre-loaded in the unit. The SD card slot will also allow you to pinpoint hot fishing spots, where there is an active movement of fish and also it will assist you in finding your route when you want to know the way to a hot spot that you have previously visited.

DownScan Imaging, TrueArch and SwitchFire

There are some additional features that help to make the 597ci an easy and more enjoyable to work with. First off, the Split Screen Zoom feature that improves the resolution display significantly. Following that, there is the TrueArch invention that makes use of the sonar data to eliminate disturbance and interferences as well as to reveal unique sonar returns that will provide you with precise information of the target.

Another awesome element is the Down Imaging. Rather than viewing what is behind, in front, or at the side of the boat, you will be able to clearly view and observe what is happening under your boat, as the Down Imaging technology name implies. Therefore, you will be able to view everything under your boat with impressive details, right on the fantastic 5i inch LED monitor.

The 597ci SwitchFire technology is yet another feature from Humminbird that’s developed to organize the screen when you are fishing in shallow water. The SwitchFire CLEAR mode automatically minimizes the sensitivity and cleans up the view for better fishing experience (shallow water). However, in depths of over 10 feet, you should select MAX mode to make sure you won’t miss out on any big targets.

An item you do not usually see on a device nowadays is the capacity to record images. However, the Humminbird 597ci HD DI does just that with an SD memory card (make sure it has enough space). A further unusual function of the 597ci HD DI would be the ability to adjust the manual depth at one foot at the time. By doing this, you optimize your screen area to accurately match up the exact depth of the water.

It is important also to mention the power of the unit. It produces up to 300W of output power and has the ability to do display both the standard 2D images along with Down Imaging views.


  • Good solid mount and easy installation instructions.
  • Great contrast on the display, even in bright sunlight conditions
  • Easy to create waypoints and save them
  • Accurate GPS that clearly shows routes and the GPS has a speed indicator
  • Very easy to operate
  • Provides great detail of structure and objects
  • Includes SD card slot


  • Owner’s manual comes on a CD
  • Users have pointed out that GPS is less accurate when it is windy

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Final Points

The 597ci HD DI fishfinder from Humminbird carries a brilliant crisp display monitor with plenty of pixels as well as an exceptionally unique sonar package. What’s more, it includes the Dual Beam Plus technology, that gives you a more detailed and broader viewing underneath the boat. Preloaded with UniMap and 50-channel GPS receiver happens to be built into the unit, this allows you to save maps or waypoints to ensure that you will find your way back easily and safely. The sonar is excellent, featuring astonishing resolution and quality.

It is so easy to identify structure and objects (fish) and the 597ci HD DI is highly recommended for those anglers that want to improve their odds of catching more fish with the help of Down Imaging technology as it enables you to figure out what is occurring below your boat. Not to mention the unique SwitchFire Sonar, that gives you absolute convenience on monitoring the sonar returns. To summarize, the Humminbird 567ci HD DI operates flawlessly. It is extremely easy to install and operate. If you’re searching for a high-quality fish finder for a very reasonable price, then you should seriously consider this one.