Garmin Echo 551DV Review

Garmin Echo 551DVOne may wonder why all this fuzz around the Garmin Echo 551dv? It depends on what type of fish finder you are looking for but the reality is that this model is packed of advanced features. If you are looking for a basic quality fish finder, you will soon realize that the two key popular features of a fish finder are the sonar power and the display screen of the fish finder. The Garmin Echo 551dv Fish finder combines these two essential features, it has extremely effective and powerful sonar and a large, user-friendly easily readable screen that makes Garmin Echo 551dv one of the highest quality fish finders that you can purchase nowadays and it’s also extremely competitively priced also.

One of the key features of the Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder is the 5-inch bright and crisp display screen of 480 x 640 pixels screen resolution. The device has a bright, crisp 5-inch high-resolution VGA color display screen. In addition, it includes sophisticated “smooth scaling” technology that will guarantee non-problematic transitions from shallow water to deep and back. The Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder is mainly focused on its high-resolution screen and sonar. However, this piece of kit does not offer any GPS functionality or chart plotting but if you are looking for a quality fishfinder that will offer you basic functions, then the Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder is definitely something that you should consider.

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Key Features

  • Extremely accurate photographic sonar view of the fish and the structure below the boat.
  • Features a DownVu transducer.
  • Includes a big 5-inch VGA color display type with 480 x 640 pixels screen resolution
  • 500W RMS 4000W “Peak-To-Peak” transmit power
  • Transom Mount- or Trolling Motor Transducer Type
  • Maximum depth of 2,300 ft – 77 kHz freshwater
  • Sonar history rewind function.


The Echo 551dv has a 5-inch 480 × 640 pixels high-resolution VGA color display screen, providing you with bright and crystal clear images that will enable you to clearly identify different kinds of details of how the bottom is structured and you will quickly identify any big fish arches below the water surface. Additionally, it is equipped with a split screen ability that will make it easier to check two distinctive sonars at the same time (simultaneously) and with that feature you will be able to analyze the underwater in incredible detail. Anytime you are out there, you will definitely learn to treasure the bright clear display screen even during bright sunlight. With high definition image and DownVü® high-frequency sonar, the Echo 551dv undoubtedly is unique among electronic fish finders.


Out of the box, the 551dv contains a powerful 77 / 200 kHz dual beam type of transducer. You will get astonishing HD quality graphics that you will be able to analyze and see clearly what is going on under your boat. The sonar provides a cone viewing angle (narrow-to-wide viewing), providing you with a big image overview that stretches far beyond the edges of any boat that you will be using to fish. Dual sonar basically means that you can analyze results from two different sonars and receive incredible details of what is underneath the water surface. The transducer is very powerful and has 500W of power allowing it to reach/extend to a depth of 2300 feet.

Garmin continues to be recognized by for producing devices that are extremely accurate and the 551dv undoubtedly complies with that reputation. Garmin makes it possible to provide you with excellent details of the bottom and awesome details of the target, all made possible by the powerful transducer.

DownVü® Technology

The primary feature of the Garmin Echo 551dv is without any doubt the DownVü technology that is built into the 551dv. This is exactly what tends to make this Garmin device an extremely extraordinary selection for a great number of fishermen out there. Obviously, the reason why we invest in fish finders is simply because we wish to see and identify what is hiding underneath the water and the Garmin Echo 551dv won’t let you down in that way.

With DownVü is Garmin’s higher rate frequency sonar ability, you will obtain information that happens to be basically picture perfect description of what actually is placed beneath the transducer. The DownVü operates by delivering a unique type of sonar signals in a cone angle direction to present you with a detailed image of what you can find beneath the water surface. The DownVü operates by delivering a concentrated sonar signal in a cone angle direction to present you with a detailed image of what you can find beneath the boat.

What is so great about the Garmin Echo 551dv?

The transducer on Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder is undoubtedly an all-in-one transducer which provides not only state-of-the-art HD-ID 77 / 200 kHz but also features Garmin DownVü simultaneously scanned images. The Garmin Echo 551dv can perform those operations on a horizontal or vertical with a split screen function. You will be blown away by the images that are transmitted to the big 5-inch screen because they are extremely clear and bright.

They will provide you with nearly photographic details of the structure and the fish under the water surface. The information you get by analyzing the information you will get from the two different sonars will provide you with unbelievable detail. It will provide you with details that will show you what is actually happening under your boat or the water in real time. You will get a big clear “narrow-to-wide” cone angle picture from the sonar that will stretch out all the down to a maximum of 2300 feet.

It is a well-known fact that Garmin has a well-known history of making exceptional fish finders that are designed for newbies and also pros. This means that they’re one of the most favored in the industry. The Garmin Echo 551dv can be described as a powerful but still straight forward fish finder that’s rapidly turning into a top favorite for newbie buyers including those who are planning to upgrade to devices that offer even more functions and greater solutions. You’ll discover all of the high-quality functions designed to considerably transform your fishing adventure and skills.

The Garmin Echo 551dv includes a sophisticated transducer, providing you with advanced down imaging sonar. Using the screen you’ll have the option to experience the very best graphics quality that you will ever encounter on any electric fish finders and also at an extremely good price. The DownVü® scanned images are easily simultaneously viewed on the vertical or horizontal scale. It should be clear now that this fish finder provides you with extensive benefits and the question is whether it really has any downsides at all! Let’s now get into more details about the functions and whatever you can expect from the Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder.

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  • Outstanding screen quality that provides easy to read information even in bright daylight conditions.
  • Ability to see information both horizontally and vertically in a split screen feature.
  • Plenty of functionalities
  • Powerful sonar and advanced HD-ID and DownVü transducer.
  • Option to zoom-in


  • Might be too large for some users
  • No GPS function
  • No chart-plotting

Final Points

The Garmin manufacturers have put lots of work towards providing you with a very powerful sonar and crystal clear top quality display. The good thing about this fish finder device is that you will receive a top level overall performance and efficiency that allows this model to be probably the most popular fish finder out there available nowadays and it is offered at a very good price.

You’re not going to come across significant or detailed complaints online about the Garmin Echo 551dv. Only a couple of customers mentioned the fact that it would be a good option to have a GPS feature. If you are looking for GPS feature in a fish finder, please feel free to explore through my other reviews to find out what products include GPS.

However if that isn’t a major problem in your case, then the 551dv is highly recommended purchase because, as mentioned above, the Garmin Echo 551dv is receiving positive praise from users that have purchased the unit and expressed their overall happiness with the fish finder.

Only a very few fish finders may be able to match the sonar capability of the Garmin Echo 551dv, the product quality and functionality, it really is hard, if not impossible to beat those features at this price tag. It is basically packed with features, to mention few, the AutoGain and auto scroll. Those are features to make your fishing experience joyful and it will be easy for you to adapt to any fishing situation that you are in, only to maximize your benefit!