Garmin Echo 101 Review

Garmin Echo 101One of the best fish finder products out there are made by Garmin as they are among the big names in the wide world of fish finders. Top quality is without question definitely something they’re recognized for.

The Garmin Echo 101 implements a compact grey scale display screen and heavy-duty sonar. The compact size fish finder offers outstanding portability and convenience. It’s really a great unit to be used on a boat and also great for those who like kayak fishing. This piece of equipment stands out as the smallest device in the Garmin Echo family models.

Additionally, it is also the lowest priced. Experts agree that it is built to offer you the fundamental top features of a fish finder and extremely high quality as well at a very reasonable price. You’ll be able to order this fish finder without burning a hole in your pocket. You won’t be disappointed with this high-quality fish finder and you will have to pay a lot less than you’d think.

It’s on the list of top rated and best-selling models of fish finders that you will find. On top of that, the Echo101 is actually covered with a one year warranty, so you can rest assured t that you are fully protected in case you run into any problem using the device. Although the color display fish finders are heavily dropping in prices, you should have in mind that you’ll find nothing at all wrong with the grayscale display. This unit is one of the best (if not the best ever) portable fish finder on the market today. Below you will find further information about the Garmin Echo 101 fish finder and I hope, after you browse through the review, that you will be able to make an informed decision on if the Echo101 is the perfect fish finder for you.

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Key Features

  • 256×160 pixels 4-inch gray display
  • Built-in 200 kHz Garmin advanced HD-ID sonar technology
  • 200W RMS Peak-TO-PEAK transmit power (200 W/1,600 W)
  • Temperature display sensor
  • Maximum depth of 1500 feet
  • Beamwidth to 60 degrees
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • 20” transducer cable


The Garmin Echo 101 contains a crispy 4-inch display that features a 256×160 pixels resolution. It shows information in grey scale and the display is reliable enough to work out the reading with ease. It’s equipped with extra features such as Garmin HD-ID innovation that enables you to conveniently locate fish and distinguish it from various other under-the-water structures and components. The unique HD-ID technology will allow you to differentiate between precisely what is a fish and what is not. The screen size is extremely compact and works very effectively as a portable, lightweight and maneuverable tool. It is among the most popular fish finder devices for kayak fishing due to its portability


The Echo 101 fish finder includes the Garmin advanced HD-ID sonar, what this means is that it will allow you to view the superb target separation definition on the 4inch display screen. This powerful sonar can identify fish/objects all the way down to a max depth of 1500feet. It is extremely powerful and relies on a 200KhZ single beam. It’s got a peak-to-peak power of 1600watts and with this powerful sonar, and at this depth, you will have an excellent view of what is going on underneath the water surface.

I did mention here above that the device features a single beam and keep in mind that some other popular sonars employ dual beam instead of a single beam. Single beam doesn’t provide the same quality as the dual beam sonars so you’ll need to spend more cash to obtain dual beam fish finder. It’s just one of the features that you will need to forfeit when you choose to buy a device at this price point. On the other hand, this single beam fish finder is sufficient to offer an exceptional overview of what is going on under your boat. The primary reason to consider the Echo 101 is the fantastic price tag and for this price, the sonar power is just incredible.

What is so great about the Garmin Echo 101?

Garmin Echo 101 owners can be assured knowing that they own one of the best quality fish finder on the market today. This is the smallest unit of the Garmin products, as well as one of the greatest when it comes to strength. The Garmin Echo 101 offers so many benefits and provides you with a very stylish and compelling unit for extremely affordable low price.

You’ll be able to benefit from the Sonar as well because it can very quickly identify any target/object down to max 1500 feet depth, this way you can ensure that you will capture just anything within that range.

Another benefit is the Garmin HD-ID technology. With this technology, you will be able to effortlessly detect fishes that are hiding under your boat. The Echo 101 is a superb option for both experts and beginners. Both will benefit using this fish finder because it includes all the fundamental features that they’re going to want to have. The HD-ID sonar innovation helps to identify the differences between whether it is a fish or something else that you are viewing on your screen. Furthermore, as I have mentioned countless times in this review, this fish finder is the best fish finder out there for a kayak because of its compact size and portability. The great thing about this fish finder is that it will provide you with maximum results and will easily adapt to fit your needs.

Are 1500 feet enough?

Yes, it is, for some anglers, because this device is perfect for small boats, such as a kayak. The Echo 101 will help you to spot the big fish. It incorporates HD-ID sonar technology and a 200watts of sonar power that can read depths to max 1500feet in fresh water and with a viewing angle of up to 60degrees. Regardless of whether you happen to be fishing in morning breeze or afternoon sun, every fish/object will undoubtedly be easily noticeable on the 4inch grey display screen. The ultra scroll feature will allow you to identify fish at higher boat speed, even down to 1500feet.


  • Works great on shallow water and on deep water
  • The display is very easy to read even in bright sunlight.
  • Very easy to install, user-friendly to operate and program
  • Great resolution with detail images
  • Comes with a very good mounting hardware, trolling motor mount is included.
  • Excellent value for the price
  • HD-ID technology to help you find fish quick and effectively
  • The device is waterproof


  • Missing GPS and Chart Plotting
  • Gray screen display
  • Some users have complained about the tie that with the trolling motor is not tight enough

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Final Points

I’m very much convinced that the Garmin Echo 101 is a superb fish finder and I strongly recommend it to any fisher out there. Having said that, should you require more sophisticated functions, like Down Imaging Sonar or GPS, then feel free to browse through my other fish finder reviews.

For anyone who is searching for a product that’s available for a lower price, then you should consider the Echo 101. The Garmin Echo 101 features a great sonar and screen for its price tag and also the compact size is ideal for kayak fishing.

It is extremely powerful, easy to use and portable. It includes advanced sonar features that you would think you could only find on higher-priced devices. Those features include the advanced HD-ID sonar that will provide you with exceptional target separation, compact 4inch 256×160 pixels grayish display and powerful 200kHz single-beam transducer with 1600W power output for max depth of 1500feet.

In summary, here’s a fish finder that you’d certainly not want to overlook, given that it makes it possible for you to accomplish better results when you are fishing. It’s very similar to the other fish finders out there but it becomes evident that Garmin put in a lot more work than duty requires for the Echo 101 model!